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What is a Jam?

It’s a one-day design jam, to prototype cool, disruptive products. This Jam’s theme will be announced on the morning of, for maximum excitement.


Why would you do that?

We want to meet people, make things, learn and have fun doing it.


I’ve never Jammed before. What should I bring?

Bring your sketchpads, writing/drawing implements, laptops, coding environments, iPhones and iPads, cameras and videocameras, and whatever else you need to make sweet stuff. We’ll be finding ways of creating quick-and-dirty prototypes for testing, then building convincing mockups by the end of the day.


Here’s an example schedule:

9:00 – Breakfast
(Generously sponsored by our host!) + groggy conversation. Speculation about the Mysterious theme.

10:00 Getting started
Announcing the theme!
Brainstorming and pitching ideas to the group, making teams of 2-5, and discussing your initial ideas.

11:00 Go go go!
Building your first prototype- this can be a sketch, paper prototype, html clickdummy or anything else that can be used for quick and dirty testing with real people.

12:00 Present & Eat
Mini-presentations at noon, then we’ll break for lunch. We can go pick up a soup and sandwich at Hey Luigi! or go to any of the bakeries around Sendlinger Tor.

1:30 – Testing!
This can be with group members, but we’ll also encourage you to reach out to friends of just get out on the street and test with strangers.

3:00 – Regroup!
Sharing your test learnings and outcomes with your team. Build more refined prototypes based on these insights- those could be a wizard-of-oz click dummies, a website, or putting together a video about your service. Be ready to tell the story of your product after dinner!

6:00 – Dinner & Discussion
We’ll order in some Pizza and unwind.

7:00 – Final Presentations
We’ll take 10 minutes with each project and see what was built, and what was learned.

Any more questions? Get in touch!